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03 December 2019'Singe We Yule' - A Musical Portrait of a Medieval Christmas
14 January 2020Turbulent Times: Russian History as Depicted by its 19th century Realist Painters.
11 February 2020A Decorative Art: History of Wallpapers
10 March 2020Women Behind the Lens: Outstanding Female Photographers and their Contribution to the Art of Photography
14 April 2020Art and Architecture
12 May 2020A Tour of Big Ben
09 June 2020Unfolding the Art of O'Keeffe
13 October 2020Birds Beasts and Box - The Art of Topiary
10 November 2020Women Artists of WW11
01 December 2020Celebrate,Rejoice,Rise Up! Johann Sebastian Bach's Glorious Christmas Oratorio
12 January 2021The Art of the Steal Nazi Looting during WW11
09 February 2021A Hungarian Metropolis: Art and Culture in Budapest
09 March 2021How Napier became the Art Deco Capital of the World
13 April 2021The Secrets of Anne Syke's Dress Diary
11 May 2021Wessex Explored: Thomas Hardy's World through his Work and the Paintings of Henry Moule and Walter Tyndale.
15 June 2021From Garbo to Garland: The Magical Art of Hollywood

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'Singe We Yule' - A Musical Portrait of a Medieval Christmas Sarah Deere-Jones Tuesday 03 December 2019

With Illustrations, Readings and Music for Harps and other Medieval Instruments

Sarah Deere-Jones is a graduate and prize winner from the Royal Academy of Music and 2015 was elected an Associate.  She performs, writes and lectures about the harp regularly in America, Australia,Europe and UK.  All lectures are presented digitally and include live music and songs on harps and other instruments depending on the subject matter.