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03 December 2019'Singe We Yule' - A Musical Portrait of a Medieval Christmas
12 November 2019The Extraordinary Life of Misia Sert 'Queen of Paris' 1877-1950
08 October 2019'DEBO' - Mitford, Cavendish, Devonshire Duchess, Housewife 1920-2014
11 June 2019Magnificent Mosaics: Windows into the Colourful Roman World
14 May 2019Painting around Australia: Matthew Flinders and the Artists aboard HMS Investigator 1801-1803
09 April 2019Jewel of the Crown: The Sainte Chapelle in Paris
12 March 2019History of the Royal Academy of Arts London
12 February 2019The Ultimate Wall Decoration:Tapestries of the courts of Europe, ancient and modern
08 January 2019The Artists of Monmartre: The Pilgrims of Babylon
04 December 2018Stocking Fillers from Faberge - Part 2
13 November 2018The Work of William Orpen and his Contemporaries
09 October 2018Vietnam:Ancient and Contemporary Artists Heritage
12 June 2018William Burges
08 May 2018THe Genius of Antonio Stradivari
10 April 2018James Tissot's Images of Women
13 March 2018Frederick The Great; Soldier and Collector
13 February 2018Wedgwood and his Contemporaries
09 January 2018Lawrence Alma Tadema; The Classical World Through Victorian Eyes

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'Singe We Yule' - A Musical Portrait of a Medieval Christmas Sarah Deere-Jones Tuesday 03 December 2019

With Illustrations, Readings and Music for Harps and other Medieval Instruments

Sarah Deere-Jones is a graduate and prize winner from the Royal Academy of Music and 2015 was elected an Associate.  She performs, writes and lectures about the harp regularly in America, Australia,Europe and UK.  All lectures are presented digitally and include live music and songs on harps and other instruments depending on the subject matter.