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28 February 2019Looking at Me Looking at You: The Representation of Women in Western Art
29 November 2018Masters of the Sea: Highlights of Maritime Art from the 17th Century to the Present Day
11 October 2018New York New York
27 September 2018Art4Army Exhibition and Talks

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Looking at Me Looking at You: The Representation of Women in Western Art Linda Smith (BA MA) Thursday 28 February 2019

A study day on how women have been represented in western art since ancient times.  It presents a wide range of images of women, asking what the functions of such pictures were in their own times, and how we read them today.  In the process, many nuances and meanings are revealed, and changing attitudes to women, beauty and morality, are addressed.  The theme of visual represntation runs alongside a parallel theme which looks at the long history of how women have struggled for political representation, and what that has meant for their roles as subjects, and makers of art.

Session One: Looking Back - from Antiquity to Renaissance

Session Two: Looking the Part - Some Women in British Art c. 1550-c.1900

Session Three: Who are you Looking at? - Twentieth Century Art and Feminism

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