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27 February 2020Gold, Silk and Wool: The History of Embroidery
28 November 2019A Golden Era: Edward Burne-Jones and the Last Pre-Raphaelites
28 February 2019Looking at Me Looking at You: The Representation of Women in Western Art
29 November 2018Masters of the Sea: Highlights of Maritime Art from the 17th Century to the Present Day
11 October 2018New York New York
27 September 2018Art4Army Exhibition and Talks

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Gold, Silk and Wool: The History of Embroidery Susan Kay-Williams Thursday 27 February 2020

Susan Kay-Williams is Chief Executive of the Royal School of Needlework based at Hampton Court

Lecture 1: From St Cuthbert to Opus Anglicanum and the Tudors: Goldwork, Silk and Blackwork

Lecture 2: From Jacobean Crewelwork Bed Hangings to the Developemnt of the Gentleman's three Piece Suit

Lecture 3: Berlin Wool Work and the 19th Century, Art Needlework and the Birth of the Royal School of Needlework to 20th Century Needlework based at Hampton  Court

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